Can you AFFORD to invest
as much as a hacker group
can to compromise your apps?
AppSec Services AppSec Services
Our Services Can you AFFORD to add
delays to ever-shorter
releases for App. Sec?
Our Services

Secure applications need big budgets, AppSec experts and more time - always in short supply. We deliver everything on a platter!

We’ve expanded the basic OWASP model to cover hundreds of finer exploits. With a judicious mix of automation and manual analysis, in close cooperation with your DevOps teams, we help you deliver secure apps, and build deep internal skills – including leading full DevSecOps capabilities!


Ideal for rapid release cycles typical of most B2C apps, our AppSec services seamlessly integrate with your build environment to deliver highly secure code...


The basic engagement, useful for one-off tests. A great, low-priced, assessment that you can insist your software vendors go through. While offering a limited coverage,…

360 Degree

Suited for longer engagements, this is ideal for organizations with a functional DevOps culture, and with several releases each year. There is some integration with…


This is where we end our journey with you, having helped build a culture, people who love App Sec, and systems that enable building secure…


Need a custom AppSec engagement? Maybe an on-prem deployment? Policies around code access, storage and retention? We are all ears!

AppSec on our appFORT platform is the very best you can get!

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