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Already a USD 150 Billion business, Cybersecurity is growing at between 12-20% every year.

As more and more businesses, institutions and individuals leverage the web for growth, even survival, it is expected that most, if not all, transactions will be powered digitally.

What this means for you is that no matter which part of the Information Technology stack you are part of – products or services – there is an opportunity to massively scale your revenues by adding cybersecurity to your portfolio.

Cybersecurity is, by its very nature, extremely complex and challenging. So, you might wonder how you can add value to your customers if you do not have the essential skills.

We have three tiers of partnerships, and you will find one that makes sense for your business:

As the name suggests, this is the simplest partnership model. Connect us with an opportunity for watchOUT, make the introductions and we’ll register the opportunity in your name. Once we have a commercial engagement in place with that account, you get paid a percentage of the initial annual revenue.

This engagement makes sense where you’d like to pursue the opportunity on your own and bring it to a commercial closure, perhaps even taking the order in your name. As always, we are behind you supporting you with demo’s, Proof of Concepts, RFP’s, RFQ’s and more – with you doing the heavy lifting of engaging with the prospect and completing the sale. A higher payout than that of a referral engagement is obviously made here.

Here you not only complete the sale (as done in the Reseller case) but you also then take on the service element as well. The watchOUT platform supports a partner interface, where you and your cybersecurity analysts use the power of the platform to service your client. We provide the technology stack, you provide the cybersecurity experts, project management and all post-sale client engagement.

Obviously, this is where most of the money is – and you can come up to this level anytime you are ready to make the necessary people investments.

How do we partner?

Contact us and we can discuss how we can work together – our requirements are simple: you, as an individual or a corporation, have a standing in the IT space, and are willing to invest your time and energy into building or growing your cybersecurity practice.

There are no financial investments or initial commitments needed.

We have a simple Memorandum of Understanding to cement the relationship.

What is unique in our partnership is that you are at liberty to choose the type of partnership that suits you for each engagement – so one engagement may be larger than you want to handle, and choose to make that a referral, and another that falls into your comfort zone and engage with us as a Technology Partner.

We are more than happy to explain our technology platform, business opportunity, engagement models, commercials and customer satisfaction. Just contact us now!

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