360 Degree

When you want to go beyond penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.

Protecting your information assets from even a moderately determined hacker, requires skills that most development teams just do not have.

Secure coding is a dimension that was traditionally left to dedicated experts – an option that is unavailable to most modern agile high-speed teams.

Your development teams will benefit substantially and then deliver truly secure web and mobile applications with the deep intervention and support from our specialist AppSec team.

In addition to the basic QuickRUN PT deliverables, 360 Degree AppSec also includes:

  • Threat Modelling
  • Extended Library of Pen tests
  • Software Design Security Reviews
  • Code reviews by human experts
  • Software Composition Security Analysis
  • Application Security Ready Certificate
  • Production Verification for Secure Configuration
  • Remediation Recommendations
Scheduled Collaboration

The 360 Degree engagement is best suited where your focus has moved on basic Pen testing to building truly secure applications.

If you have a fair visibility to your application release plan with 2-6 releases per year, this service delivers the best value in the AppSec business!

Building AppSec Skill

Application Security skills must eventually reside inhouse. Easier said than done. Even if you can attract and retain AppSec professionals, building an organizational culture that consistently delivers secure code is  extremely difficult. 

With 360 Degree engagements, you gradually build the skills and attitudes in your DevOps teams.

Prepare for DevSecOps

Effective DevOps is hard; a fully functional DevSecOps is near impossible. But you can build these teams.

If you are walking that path a scaled approach is ideal. While you are getting your DevOps teams built, use 360 Degree engagements to deliver the essential AppSec skills. 

Then make the transition to DecSecOps.

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