Moving from limited, planned releases to rapid-fire releases typical today means that secure coding needs far-reaching integration and orchestration with your DevOps processes.

With multiple Apps (we have engagements that include over 40 Apps), and with frequent releases (as frequent as a week), the only real way forward is to join our AppSec services at the hip with your DevOps processes. 

While we continue to deliver our services from the cloud (and in special engagements from your premise or private cloud), we become your extended AppSec arm.

In addition to the basic QuickRUN PT and the next-level 360 Degree offering, Orchestrated also includes:

  • Build Automation for Security Smoke Testing
  • Production Instrumentation for Continuous Monitoring
  • Selective Pen Tests for Patches, Updates and Fixes
  • Secure Release to Production Cloud
  • Monitoring of Production Servers for Unauthorised/Insecure changes
  • Monitoring of Production Servers for Security, Availability and Performance
  • Rolling Security Report with Software State Analysis
Scalable AppSec

Building secure code is tough. Building tough code at scale is extremely difficult. 

With a mature DevOps team churning out frequent releases, we get into the guts of your framework to deliver a mix of automated and human experience without slowing down your releases.

Complete AppSec Skills

Orchestrated engagements are typically multi-year engagements. Our analysts and your DevOps teams interact frequently. This constant interaction helps you to identify unique individuals who display a love for secure development. Along with your support we help groom these individuals to take on deeper security roles within the DevOps framework.

Move to DevSecOps

Having acquired the skills for Application Security, and having built a strong, effective and appreciated culture, you are now at the gates to disengage from us completely and move your teams to the ultimate Agile framework – DevSecOps!

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