Sunil Gupta

Head – Products/Platforms

Sunil Gupta started his career programming Basic on a Z80, two 8” floppy drive system, in the mid 80’s. With a career spanning 30+ years, he has largely worked in software product companies, incorporating unstated requirements and delivering solid solutions that are effortless and a joy to use.

Formally certified CISA, CISSP and PMP, Sunil spent the previous two years in Identity and Access Management before joining Castellum Labs as Head of Products and Platforms.

Sunil brings a rich experience of “product thinking”, helping build solutions that are elegant – from the UI right across to the code.

Sunil also heads Product Marketing ensuring that actual, real value of Castellum’s products and platforms are clearly articulated without hyperbole, jargon and superlatives. Selling the future and delivering the present is not how he runs marketing – he believes in the old-fashioned way of under promising and over delivering.

Founder & CEO

Head – Products Delivery