The basic engagement, useful for one-off tests. Coverage includes:

  • Web surface.
  • Penetration Testing.
  • Vulnerability Assessment.
  • OWASP Top 10 (Pen Only).
  • Automated Code Security Scan.
  • Vulnerability issue list with recommendations.
Vendor Assessment

The final liability, irrespective of indemnification, lies with you to protect information assets. consider QuichRUN PT for a low-cost, 3rd party assessment of software products and SaaS apps you will use in your organization. 



Need a quick security review of an application? Have an internal application that needs a security sanity check? Need an assessment of how your team is incorporating secure coding practices?

QuickRUN PT will help you decide the next steps in your journey of Application Security.

Regulations and Compliances

QuickRUN PT is especially useful to obtain independent evidence of compliance to regulations that apply to your org. as well as support your certification efforts. 

We can incorporate additions to the standard service bundle for specific reports and evidences you may need.

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